Taste it,
“Molto Saporito”

Italian Cuisine

Gourmet Link has gathered and tried to inculcate the authentic flavours served at the banks of Venice city and in the mountainous café of Tuscany our menu for Italian cuisine is loaded with tasteful dishes like Bruschetta, Risotto, Pasta, Pizzas and Fettuccine etc. Prepared by one of the most dedicated teams of chefs, the dishes are created using the traditional Italian techniques and flavours. Using seasoned spices and sauces the end result is always so satisfying for your taste buds that you will always be wanting more.

Italian cuisine includes a lot of fresh produce; it is bold and satisfying without being heavy. Creating an Italian dish is like creating a masterpiece using a large palette of flavours. Complementing the taste of the dishes prepared by us is our impeccable catering service making your celebration a momentous celebration. So, start a journey full of heavenly flavours where you will be saying “Molto Saporito” again and again.

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